Colorado TV HELP Questions and Answers

The TV channel has a lot of variables to make the production work correctly.  It is dependent on Your Internet Speed, The Speed of the internet at each webcam site, and The speed of the internet and systems at the Streaming Server Location.  All of these variables together determine how well video streaming and video switching will work.  The Audio part of the stream, KTND, is independent of the video streaming, and it can be up or down as well.  Night performance and Day performance can vary greatly.  Nighttime with moonlight and nighttime with no moonlight will change the view experience greatly.  The Video Image compression is poor at night and can result in slower camera streaming and switching.  This is a site by site variable.  There is a lot of technical variables to make this work well. 

If you are not getting the ColroadoTV stream to worik, remember you must be at a location where the internet is working well.  If you are not at a good internet location you may have trouble getting the stream to work for you.  You may get a message “Broadcast Offline”.  You may see a lot of rebuffering, a spinning wheel.  You may see longer delays between the switching of the video streams. 

Your experience is dependent on YOUR internet speed at the viewing location.

You can see if your internet speed is by visiting

There is a symptom where the AUDIO is not working from the Production Studio but the Video is.  This is a tech problem with the TV Production.  We monitor the systems, but it can happen and has happened in the past.

Your Sound may be turned off as well.  If you see the video but do not hear audio, the sound on your computer may be off. 

  1. The Player itself has a ICON on the lower right to turn on and off the video stream sound, and change the video stream volume. 
  2. Your phone, tablet, and computer have a Device Sound that can be muted or turned down. Check you local device sound as well.

We make it easy to include your webcam in our Colorado WEBCAM TV production. If you have a webcam installed, we can try to use that. If you do not have a webcam installed on your view, we can install a new live webcam. If you want your business branding you can brand many of the unbranded webcams on the network now or sponsor a new webcam. Give us a call to discuss your inclusion into the TV Channel.